Difficulties with Plus Portals and e-mail

In Plus Portals there are two different kinds of accounts: those for Parents and those for Students.

Some parents have been logging on to Plus Portals using their child's Student account.  Parents should not do this because the emails sent under this account cannot be replied to.  The Student account email address is a contrived one which does not actually exist.  Plus Portals demands the use of email addresses for usernames.  For security purposes, we created fake email addresses using the icscharger.org domain for students.

If you wish to check on your child's progress and send emails to teachers using Plus Portals, please log in with your Parent account. 

If you are unsure as to whether or not you have a Parent account or simply do not have one, please contact the school and ask for a Plus Portals registration email to be sent to the address we have for you on file.

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